Friday, 1 May 2009

To Readers Re Sri Lanka

Dear All,

This is to say that your comments on the Sri Lankan situation are interesting and welcome. I hope to use them to research a new article. If I manage to get it published outside of this blog, I will post a link here.
If you have further comments to make, please add them. Is everyone who has commented of Tamil origin? If you could confirm this, it would be useful.

Thanks and best wishes,

On A Different Note...
If you are interested in Nandan Nilekani of Infosys. In a recent talk here in London, Mr Nilekani made an interesting point about big populations. I like that point of view, so I wrote a blog on it. It has been published on the website of "Clinica World Medical Technology News". The link is:


  1. Hi Girija

    I am not of Tamil looking forward to the article of yours...



  2. I am strictly not of tamil origin, but some five thousand years ago I would have been!

  3. Hi!
    I am a big fan of your 2 Indian movies( is the #1 fan title taken). Its great to see you move on to a meaningful career and doing good.

    Btw if you have not already read this,


  4. Hi G
    I think you should start a fan club to divert all the fan traffic.

  5. Regarding Nandan Nilekani article..

    Mahatma Gandhi had once famously told that India lives in its villages

    Rural India is still deprived of basic education, water, electricity and employment

    India should leverage on its "technology advantage" and "demographic dividend" advantage to empower rural Indians

    I had posted this as a comment on the "clinica" page,but the same is not getting reflected

  6. @Rishee, what do you mean by 'empowering' Indian villages?

  7. ltte failed in war. ur openion pl?

  8. I guess now the main challenge would be to see how the lankan govt. handles the Tamil issue.
    It will not be easy.

  9. Hi Girija

    We only know u as a film actress, in vandanam along with Mohanlal. Its great to see you move on to a meaningful career and doing good.

  10. Hi Girija..on Undercut and flourish....explore the new testament...U can do the very same thing..through the words of Paul the apostle.."TO LIVE IS CHRIST";..means he really was undercut..not anymore PAUL but CHRIST...explore...plse dont judge...