Thursday, 2 July 2009

New online courses from the Gnostic Centre, New Delhi

Hi All,

Just to say - I have replied to SJ's comment under the post of June 16th "Any Help?" In case SJ is logging on any time...

This post is for anyone interested in Sri Aurobindo's vision, philosophy and yoga.

The Gnostic Centre in New Delhi, set on a beautiful farm and full of Divine atmosphere has announced its new set of courses.

Taught by experts, you can study, online, about: yoga psychology, integral or transformation yoga, and related subjects. The centre also conducts courses on site, and has a lovely meditation hall and beautiful grounds.

Visit the GC website for more details:


  1. Hi

    It would be nice if you can throw more light on yoga psychology...


  2. Hi Girija,
    Just wanted to post my great appreciation for your blog, its minimalist motto (undercut & flourish), the relevant themes you choose to write about, and your socio-conscious journalism in general. You are an inspiration for people to follow their heart.

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  4. OMG its girija..i cant believe my eyes..i saw u first time wen i was 15. gr8 2 see u here again... :)

  5. U r jst awesome, still can't 4get dat rain song(geetanjali) in these 10 years...

  6. My Goodness my FAV heroine of geetanjali fame is in here....Thankgod i got a way to communicate with u....

    How r u madam?...

  7. Hi,

    Thanks for your really sweet notes on here.
    Sorry i am not writing much. Time is really short. I will try and post more stuff.

    Yes - following the heart is really important. But I think a more accurate way of putting it is - being true to oneself. That is, having integrity with oneself. It is like the Hindu ideas of svadharma and svabhava - the right action is that which is in harmony with the nature of your inner being.

    I saw a superb documentary film recently that sums up how I feel and try to live (in my own way). It is about the French tightrope walker Philippe Petit who danced on a rope between the two Trade Towers (right at the top). It is called "Man on Wire", and the book (if you can't get the film) is called "To Reach the Clouds". It is incredible.


  8. hello madam..
    iam badrinath..
    i think u dont like to discuss about your
    movies here..
    but as a fan of u i can not avoid that topic..
    i saw ur film geetanjali many times..
    iam from andhra pradesh..
    Ur blogs are very nice..

  9. what are your views on what happens after a person is liberated (completely void of all desire)