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“Barbarella” – A message about purity, in the language of the 60s

[Dear readers, a quick note before the article commences: I have replied to comments from Brijesh, KK and VG on the August 4 post...]

I came across this 1968 movie starring Jane Fonda about eight years ago. A single watching made a lasting impression. Apparently, when it was released the film was roundly panned and failed at the box office, but in later years it developed a cult following. Its supporters, who call it a “classic”, rave about the film’s tacky production qualities - which are praised as extremely difficult to pull off - and its camp eroticism, which they say could never be remade with the same finesse.

However, I believe that what makes Barbarella a classic is an anti-erotic or meta-erotic symbolism that runs through the film. I would argue that the film is talking about purity, or the ideal nature of “free love": so, a theme of the 1960s being discussed in the language of the 1960s.

By “meta-erotic” symbolism, I mean that the film’s makers were attempting to convey (whether they were conscious of it or not) a higher (meta-) vision of human consciousness. This is a consciousness that is beyond being affected by the negative force of eroticism that threatens to hijack sexuality and destroy the pure relationship that should exist between love and the physical demonstration of love.

The lead character Barbarella (played by the earthy, no-nonsense yet feminine Jane Fonda) is never erotic, though eroticism constantly chases her and tries to ensnare and kill her. The erotic elements in the film are negative, lacking in energy, harmony or happiness. But they are unable to affect Barbarella, who sails through every encounter entirely unfazed and without losing her warmth and honesty.

An approach to life
The film offers a representation of pure, free consciousness. And as such it makes comment not only on sexuality but also on the nature of life generally, on decision making, and on the problem of fear.

There is one scene in particular that impressed itself on my memory. Barbarella, again being pursued by someone wishing to do her harm, is chased into a death-trap. In that trap, she is offered several choices – but they are all forms of death. True to form, Barbarella gets right on with choosing one. Leaping forth, she emerges into her next challenge, but she does not die, which she would have done had she not made a choice.

Some say that making a decision is more important than what decision is made; but what could be even more important than this – and what I think this scene from Barabarella conveys - is the way in which decisions are made. Adjectives such as forthright, unregretful, and honest would well characterise the approach illustrated in the film.

It has been reported that Jane Fonda regrets her decision to participate in Barbarella. One alleged reason is that she had to turn down the lead female roles in the films Bonnie and Clyde and Rosemary’s Baby in order to complete her work on Barbarella.

But my view is that she should not regret this film. Barbarella is both a more meaningful film than the other two, and represents accurately the unique nature of Jane Fonda - the passionate activist who has always exhibited the qualities of frankness, fearlessness and good humour. That Jane Fonda would say: “To hell with the elitists! This movie is in such a workable package it can reach out to every level. This film can tell you something about life, love and character. Watch carefully!”

Before writing this 'review', I thought I ought to re-watch the movie to see if my memory was being selective. Too impatient to rent it out, I went onto You Tube. There I found a trailer for the film. In that trailer, a narrator introduces Barbarella as the most “beautiful creature of the future” whose speciality is “Love”. The style of the piece was strongly tongue-in-cheek and made me seriously wonder if it was foolhardy of me – an invitation to be mocked - to interpret the film as I have done here, especially having watched it just once and so long ago.

I became even more wary when I read comments on an IMDb film forum describing the film as “soft porn” and pointing specifically to an opening sequence where Barbarella conducts a “striptease” in “slow motion”. I could not remember this scene, but found it on You Tube. Now, I have always thought I ranked on the prudish end of the scale, but I think I should place myself on the way liberal end of the scale now!

This so-called slow motion striptease scene lacks any form of eroticism and so to label it “porn” seems absurd. In fact the scene is a good introduction to the character of Barbarella. In this scene, Barbarella is shown floating around heavily in zero-gravity while emerging limb by limb from a black space-suit. The scene recalls the emergence of a butterfly from its heavy, ugly cocoon. Again, this scene looks to me like a comment on freedom spoken in the physical language of the 1960s.

Lasting impression
Whatever was in the film makers’ minds, the film made an impression on me – as a rare filmic example of meta-erotic characterisation and of the link between this type of purity of spirit with the two great human obsessions: beauty and love. It is this feature (meta-eroticism) that enables the creature (Barbarella) to be a specialist in love. And such a creature would definitely be the ideal of the future.

The character of Barbarella is physically and psychologically beautiful. Perhaps it is this – that the story is told on more than one level and is equally effective on all – that is actually responsible for making the film a recognised cult classic.


  1. I checked out the clip in daily motion. It does look like "soft porn."

    but like you mentioned, she does come out unfazed. But here are two possibilities:
    1. She is detached and negative forces do not affect her because she is beyond eroticism.
    2. She has so much erotic desire that the machine was unable to satisfy her and so she overloads the machine.

    I think 2. is the intention the director has, but you chose 1.

    In India there is a sect called vamachari sect, tantra yoga which has the aim you mentioned, that of transcending the idea of sex through sex. But how many can really pull it off? Don't you think that by controlling desires we can go higher, rather than giving way to desire.

  2. A good aticle. Before i comment on the movie I surely must watch the movie, but time constraints will prevent me from doing so for a very long time.

    But Eroticism has always been an intriguing topic. If we look through, eroticism is another product of human abstraction. For nature sex was a reproductive tool, and the pleasure behind it a clever tool to ensure continuity.
    There is this story on how creation of life became immoral.

    When mankind was still primitive, and a certain tribe used to grow beyond a certain number there used to fight over food, as farming had yet not been discovered. A clever leader from a certain tribe noticed this and made sex immoral, only to be had for bearing children and within strict social guidelines.

    Whether this story is a fact or just a myth I know not, but it gives us a sure idea as to why sex has been branded immoral. But the fact remains that sex does lead to a lot of trouble if not restricted to a certain limit. But where to draw the line is the big question. This has often led to a number of sticky situations. So it is fathomable that slight nudity (which I personally believe is ones true identity, ::this I borrow from jainism) is often associated with eroticism. In a certain way it surely can be, but often one just doen't want to broaden ones perspective due to the 'food' theory (the myth).

    An instance of such a situation: Around the 1970-80's a Marathi play was opposed both by political parties and the censor board in Bombay because it involved a woman (portraying the role of a Maharashtrian homemaker) changing her Sari onstage. The protestors claimed that the scene could be done with, but both the writer and director (who are stalwarts of the field) maintained that the scene was the essence of the originality the play conveyed as the stage was set as a home, and a woman can change her clothes only within her home. Nevertheless the scene had to be modified.
    So much of what is eroticism and what is not is all on ones perception and therefore not a topic with which many will be liberal in their feelings.

    ::@Kartik Kiran: I am not sure o fthe vamachari sect, but in general the tantra yoga first requires the practicer to fall into the depths of desire (which I think are Meat, Sex, Intoxication etc.) and then to overcome the urge to fall into temptation, the argument being that this way a person is even more spiritually superior as s/he fell into the depths of temptations and overcame it.

  3. Re left-hand Tantrism - I was informed by a practising Tantric of the right-hand school (ie which does not use sex or alcohol)that the use of sex and alcohol was originally only for those who were already significantly advanced masters of self knowledge and self control (self-control of the yogic variety - not mere repression).
    So, in that kind of tantrism there was no descent into desire in the ordinary way (logically, if it DID involve that, it would defeat itself because the relevant energies would be wasted and could not be transformed. It would be a waste of time, therefore).
    I was told that this school of tantrism fell away from its original purity and developed a bad reputation - and in the process claimed a bad reputation for the whole of Tantrism.
    Sir John Woodroffe was foremost among those who finally restored Tantra's reputation. His several books, such as "The Serpent Power", are revered as highly authoratative texts on Tantra, which is an amazing system of transformational yoga.

  4. Access to english classics is difficult in India. Can u provide a link to download the same

  5. Interesting review. I haven't seen the movie -- just watched the striptease opener, the trailer, and the dailymotion clip pointed above, so do take my comments with a large grain of salt :). From what I did see, I thought the movie had an almost comic-book quality about it. I doubt that the film-makers intended for such an underlying subtle theme to be coated with an explicitly tacky production. Perhaps it turned out that way, can't say without watching the whole movie.

    On a related note, I am a big fan of movies that have underlying subthemes (intended or otherwise). Like peeling an onion and discovering layer after layer of meaning. Depending on how active the viewer's imagination is, it allows for so much interpretation.
    Some movies I've seen that have this quality -- "White Balloon" (Jafar Panahi), "Rashomon" (Kurosawa, of course) etc.

  6. Re Brijesh's comment:

    Just a bit relieved to know I am not the only one to think that the Barbarella opener was NOT in the "porn" category!

    Yes, description of it as akin to a comic strip seems more accurate to me too.

    Have heard much praise of Rashomon so will be sure to watch it one day.

    Books with underlying meanings: CS Lewis's Narnia tales. An academic recently found a linked symbolism running throughout these tales, related to the planets and their respective powers. Dr Michael Ward's book is called Planet Narnia.
    Here are some links in relation to this:

  7. In answer to Silent Killer:

    English classics are easy to get in India - if you mean books. I bought all the books I have by Sir John Woodroffe, in India. For example, the publisher Motilal Banarsidass is a fantastic source of books on Indian philosophy and spirituality. I am SURE you must know this!

  8. Thanks - will check out Planet Narnia. Please also see my last comment in your "man on wire" post. Would like to know your take on that difficult (but common) question that ails a lot of us.


  10. hi, are you the one who acted in geetanjali in India? Your acting was so good.I'm twenty now, and I absolutely love the film.

  11. I wonder what would the original screen play writer of the movie barabella think of your review. My english teacher once told me that the same story becomes 101 stories when 100 people read it.

  12. I saw Barbarella many years ago when it was shown on one of the US cable channels. The only Jane Fonda movies I had seen prior to that were "Stanley & Iris" (loved it) and "On Golden Pond" (loved Hepburn's turn). After having seen only a middle-aged Fonda, you can imagine my surprise when I saw a younger and super sexy Fonda parading about in skimpy clothes. I have forgotten what the movie was about, but you can be sure that I never saw Jane Fonda in the same light again. Monster-in-law anyone?

  13. Hi Girija! whats up? howz life? How come you don't update your blog more often....

    take care!

  14. I think we may be aiming at wrong point. As we are thinking that we are searching for purity in what seems to be like a porn film. What is wrong with a porn movie.I mean we think we are searching for purity and Barbarella is also deviation from purity. Every thought breaks the purity either it is porn or search for purity we are trying to find happiness in proving ourselves superior in a way that we are aiming for purity and purity is disrupted by the search for purity I think we are no different from the people who does not find purity in Barbarella because we both does not reach purity as we both are corrupt both by ignorance. I think one can achieve purity by just not thinking about purity by giving same preference to every kind of thought A state of mind in which which is not biassed which is pleasent in every type

  15. Goodday Ma'am!

    Arent you the one who acted in Gitanjali, the telugu movie? I really hope its you? I got this mail id from my cousin who lives in the UK.

    This is Praveen here from Hyderabad, India. I grew up watching Gitanjali along with my gang of cousins. We have all grown up now..but Gitanjali is still our favorite movie of all time...and Girija is our greatest actress ever! Honestly! Cross my Heart! People put up various aspects to the success of Gitanjali..iilayaraaja's music, mani ratnam's direction, etc. But for us, it was Girija cuz it was Girija who was the "life" of that movie. Gitanjali wouldnt have been what it is if it wasnt for you. its our greatest epic and movie of all time. We have never ever come across an actress with so much of life and too good to be true acting. We searched for your whereabouts over the past few years..just to tell you a Thank You...for ur gorgeous acting in that movie.. We even wanted to put up a website named "" and reward the person who would give us info on Girija...

    You are the best ever Girija..the greatest actress of all time...for us at least.......and we all love U just so much unconditionally and are the best ever..God bless U...i really hope and keep my fingers crossed n hope this is really U...take care always dear precious Girija...with lotsa love from India...

  16. There is a sentence in this post , which impressed me . May be I'm in a psychological dilemma, which created a havoc in my thought process whispering me that I should not have been so foolhardy in making decisions regarding life. But your sentence which says "Some say that making a decision is more important than what decision is made," elated my spirits.
    Coming to the way in which eroticism is discussed , I personally feel that eroticism is a sin if you are an addict to one of the most beautiful creations of god (Women), it is a boon if the sensuous side of her drives you spiritual heights and pleasure with eternal companionship.

  17. hope you would check my recent posts on

  18. hi girija how r u ... iam a big fan of yours

  19. Good post Girija..

    "negative force of eroticism that threatens to hijack sexuality and destroy the pure relationship that should exist between love and the physical demonstration of love"

    Well said. It is true that contemporary movies (for that sake, all media) use sex or eroticism as a means to showcase love. To share my personal experience, I am also in love with someone and for more than 3 years, I have never even touched her. Of course, love is incomplete without sex. Sex is just an integral part of love. But that does not mean sex symbolizes love !

    @ Karthik Kiran: There is no point in discussing about the director's choice. It is definitely the second one !

    @ VG: I have also heard of Tantra Yoga - the physical and ritual cleaning by giving in to the desires and then overcoming that through abstinence. This concept might have worked well a few centuries back but not today. Nevertheless, there should be some awareness among people on the same.

  20. Hi,
    Just a quick thank you to everyone for writing so interestingly on this blog. Everyone sounds so solid, it would be great if we were all in a room together having a big old debate.
    Also, a huge thanks to Annonymous and Praveen for your loving messages about Geethanjali. It is very kind of you to take the time to write. I feel like I am given a present, so, thank you.
    Love to all, and I hope to get writing some more blogs SOON.

  21. hey gaadha jam , really amazed to find u in cyberspace after vandanam. well im just another of those guys who used to go gaga over you :P tc !!

  22. hey Giri ja,

    I am sure you came across - Ramo vigrahavan Dharmah. I am trying to fashion my epression in similar form.
    You were - the emobodiment of vivacity in Gitanjali. You defined dynamism in that movie. You are still so successful,I wandered in the internet space and wondered where you vanished for years like many.
    I am not sure if you know the magnitude of the impact you had on people. People worshipped you and they still do.

    But you strike me as a lost child, wanting to find something more than that success, more than what was bestowed.

    I wish that you find what you are looking for.

    a fan

  23. Hi Girija!

    It's Joe here from Clinica. I've just found your blog; it's fascinating. So many different topics. I didn't think you'd be writing about Barbarella! I've only seen a bit of it though. Can I put a link to your blog on mine?


    Hope you are well,

  24. Whoops that link is wrong on the last comment:

    There you go. Look forward to reading more of your blog,


  25. Hi Joe!

    Lovely to hear from you. Thanks for checking out my blog, and I can't wait to have a read of yours too.

    Best wishes,

  26. hi Girija,
    Ntg abt the blog though... I recently came to know abt your existance (after you leaving the indian filim industry) and was shocked to see you.. what a change! Anyways nice to see your blogs. Hanv't gone through it all, hoping to be a keen follower :)

    All the best..

    Praveen B

  27. i believe in deweyan pragmatic naturalism..and i think eroticism and sex should not be should flow..
    according to me, eroticism is is the cornerstone of our evolution and all is an endowment of nature..
    and from my empirical observation - it is only those who want to experience it, but have some mental block keep on talking about it in loops. Things that are to be experienced, should not be reduced to abstraction through a play of words
    Thinking is necessary, but it is no substitute for action

  28. Hiiiiiiiii giriji...

    Iam Anjali...
    If is say that iam a very big fan of Urs 4m the age of 6 after watching a movie where a Young pretty girl will always used to say the word "Lechipodhama",it looks fascinating to you,but its infact true. "Geetanjali",a movie which crossed the borders of indian cinema and gave imporatnce to the characters and the story not to the stardome. The movie had a great impact on me,though i was so small then i used to pretend like U,Dresses in that movie,,,ohhhh god iam damn crazy about that just casually iam bowsing and thought will search for U and i got ur blog...very happy that i have seen u for a long time...U looks pretty in that angle which u have kept as ur bolg photo...I wana know more about U,i have very little information about u...If U have time plzzzzz do mail me at
    by the way iam in bangalore working as an engineer...:)

  29. Sorry Girija Garu,
    I havent read ur posts,will read daily as i found u just now...Today will tell to my friends that my lond awaited search 4 my favourite actress has fulfilled today...oyeeee plzzzz do mail for me...waiting eagerly for ur mail....Happy week End,Take care,byeee....u know i have seen geetanjali movie more than 25 times for the sake of ur rain song "Kondamma Konnamma Mechhindhile"...How naturally u acted in that movie,after that u didnt act in any telugu film,in our place we dont get malayalam movies so couldn't get ur malyalam movies like "Vandhanam" Etc.,but i have seen u in "Hrudayanjali",the movie didn't release in my place,so no chance to watch full movie,iam searching for the CD,once will get will watch...:)

  30. Hiii Girija Garu...

    I am Anjali,

    Hope u r doing great...I have read ur post on barbarella,Narration is good,i havent seen the movie...Will see if i get a chance...I heard that u r studying philosophy n about hindu religion...Good Wishes for ur research...I have got ur mail id,but its not a valid one,if u dont mind can u give me ur mail id...
    if i have any doubts regarding any our posts will mail u bcoz now a days u r not posting in your blog,so it will be easy for me after reading your posts,i can calrify my doubts...Ok then have a fantastic weekend a head...take care,bye bye,tata...


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  32. Sorry if this Out of topic. But i am big big fan of Vandanam and your performance in it was such a memorable one that i still watch it with anxiousness and sheer delight 20 years after it was made. wish u did more films.. but i suppose i can keep watching vandanam till eternity

  33. Dear Girija,

    I'm a mallu. Now, the time is 4.00 PM, and I'm watching you running after the vicious professor (Nedumuduvenu) with Unni (Mohanlal) on Asianet, the leading Malayalam channel. And, I thought of checking you out on the net, I googled and ended up reading your blog and the comments. I'm glad that your still out there, entertaining your fans through a different media. Now, coming to the movie, Wow! a germ of a movie, one of my alltime fav'rts. When you consider it's your second film, you did a commendable job. Your decision to quit the industry, after a handfull of highly successful movies was really a loss to thousands of your fans, just like the sad ending of 'Vandanam', but just to quote you "Some say that making a decision is more important than what decision is made,"

    Lalala laala laalaa laala
    lalalaa laalaa laalaa
    laalaa lalaalaa laalaa
    laalaala laalalaa

    Best Wishes,
    Melvin Kuriakose

  34. so whats happening.. so you just leave and quit the indian film industry and we find you are lured into these tantric tendencies ha .. so this is the your pursuit of sucess then??? ok then whatever makes you happy!

  35. @Raghunanthan:

    It is the sign of an educated mind to entertain opinions contrary to oneself without being patronizing.

    Girija is not the first, nor will she be the last in giving up name and fame along with wealth, power for the sake of following the heart.

    Check out the Buddha, Immanuel Kant, Swami Vivekananda, Michael Faraday, Gandhi etc

    You are like the beggar on the street who gazes at the crowd and wonders why none of them are jumping with joy because they have plenty of food to eat and good clothes to wear.

    In the same way, it is very difficult to understand why a person gives up the very things we lust after such as fame and money without being critical of them!

  36. Hello Girija...

    This is Anjali...

    I Wish You a Wonderful & Joyful Happy New Year...I Wish All Your Dreams Come True and there will be an everlasting Smile on your Face Always...

    With Love

  37. g...

    erotic , sensuality , sex ... really mean big words as far as indian film industry works with... i do note that u r talkin in terms with the european styles... let me keep in mind i am not talking to the innocent gadha in vandanam... i ve had my own share of trouble doing sensual ads in chennai... almost had my fingers burnt... but in classic or new movies... infact italian and french movies do a lot of justice for a woman to take of her clothes... melina , perfume , and many more... even the classic academy award winning "life is beautiful" is no vague an avenue for creative writing... with stories in hand i am blessed not to run around for directors... but i wish people would reciprocate to the truth... one movie called "manju polu orru pen kutty" had a father incest character in malayalam... tho its a know factor in india and even further to the director changing the father to a foster farther the movie was flop... but viewing such movies... all i realized is one thing... for an indian viewership much more than commercial income , we need to put across messages... "G" if u read this message this far... thank u for ur time...

  38. Sure, it might seem a great way to capture the idea of eroticism in the sixties. But don't you think the science fiction story and the general film making was too inane and simplistic? I don't know, are there any other films about this?

  39. Karthik I liked ur counter attack, so precise yet so light, good


  40. Hi...Just got up after watching Geethanjali. Probably watching it for 50 or 60th time, but I tell you, watched it with same fervour, with same awe, with same immature infactuation in heart....though we had come of age, seen some extraordinary movies since Geethanjali, transistioned to another level of mind & life....but still, its one movie in my life which evokes tremedous passion, no matter how many times I watch it.....that was a time when i was in floating teens and Geethanjali, the block-buster & a trend setter, busted on the world of actually moulded our thoughts towards our life, confidence, and ofcourse our fantasy world of love.....but Girija, we ( I mean my closest circle of friends ) still carry that memory with the same freshness.....and you know, honestly speaking, a DVD of Geethanjali was an endearing part of everyones 1st salary shopping list.....we bought and treasured it !! still we cherish & relish that of the many relishing moments is here for you.......frankly, the performances were more like a state managed drama but music & SPB gave the quintessential touch of class to the movie........what say you, Girija ? ......but still I wanted to thank you for giving a movie of my lifetime..........i have known this blog for quite a sometime and wanted to say these words but refrained from publiscing all that and not to put you into discomfort.....but I tell you Girija, I doubt whether you know this or would take this to your heart, that you still live with that same gleam and sheen in our hearts....for, you gave us a masterpiece......Thank you Girija, thanks a lot.....take care...have a happy family !!

    Coming to your blog....had been reading it for quite some shows that you have that tinge of spirituality..........that again provokes my imagination into a different frame of thought.......I see spirituality & philosophy from a scientific angle....i can corelate quantum mechanics with a balance sheet....economics with Gita....for, everything is one in this universe......

    anyways, will talk more on that with your permission.....

    Apologies if I had writtern anything against your interests & principles. But Plz do respond.


  41. Dear Dr.Girija,

    This is nor re the blog topic. I am 40 and had the chance of seeing your "gitanjali" in my late teens. Last night I watched the malayalam movie "vandanam" with my wife. She was interested in you and I fed her with your details. I had googled the net to contact you and at last I am here. I just want to let you know that I respect the real person in you. A celebrity withdraw herself from the limelight and becomes an academician. Hats off for the hardtoil and the determination and drive to be someone different.

  42. Hi Girija,

    I am so happy to see you here.

    Best Wishes

  43. hi Girija madem ,i am your big big fan of u. really i love you & like u. i am from andhra pradesh,india. i have no word to tell about ur acting in geethanjali. thank u for such great film.

  44. hii girija garu..

  45. hello girija garu
    nice 2 see u again...
    u were wonderful in gitanjali in every respect..
    u simply rocked...
    really we missed u a lot as u left the industry
    after gitanjali...
    ny ways we r lucky to hear u again on ur blog...
    all the best

  46. Hey Girija
    How are you?
    Nice to see you here and ur blog too.I am from A.P
    Keep it up.

  47. Hi Girija garu
    How are you
    your acting excellent
    in Geethanjali movie.
    Iam from Andhrapradesh

  48. Hi Girija garu
    How are you
    your acting excellent
    in Geethanjali movie.
    Iam from Andhrapradesh


    Is it in you there

  50. Hello madam
    This is Nishant from USA and I am a Phd student. I actually tried mailing you many times. I am a regular visitor of your blogs and I would like to know what is the Indian philosophy you follow? I mean, is it Sri Arobindo's or some other saint who has inspired you? How is that you have left movie field when everyone strives to find a place in that field? What is that which interests you? Can you please share something more about your inner being personally to me?
    Thanking you

  51. haai gadha ..
    nice to see you again....
    have a nice day
    with love ..

  52. Hi Girija,
    I am Ajith Kumar, from Kerala. I saw this movie..
    Here is the link to the torrent of this movie.

    Also we malayaleeys really like "GADHA" in Vandanam...
    Almost all Keralites have questions about the girl who acted as Gadha...We really love the movie and your character...


  53. hello girija,

    so good to see your blog ..........i was may be 4 years old when geethanjali came out and i still see it as a classic.
    so good to know that your now a writer in london.....


  54. hi....geetha am a big of u.i wanna see u again with nagarjuna in telugu so happy to see ur brings a lots of happines to me.ur action in geethanjali was knotty.u look damn cute in that film.
    i wana marry u but am 15 probzz after getting 18 yrs ill come and get u and make u as my wife(just joking geetha dont take it seriously)plzz reply me its like winning a oscar award for me....... again bye take care........
    with lots of love,

  55. hi.girija plz reply dis my mail id ""

  56. Hello Girija mam, I love you.. you r simply superb.. you r the trend setter in Telugu heroins. Geetanjali is a gift to Telugu people and you r the perfect heroin for our Nag brother in that move..
    god bless you.

  57. To Girija,

    I still know how your graceful face makes my smile go bigger than the sea, i wish i'd get to know you alot as a person not as an star,
    I guess my true love is not a person nor a place it is a time when I realize that empty space I feel needs to be filled with friends to meet with a life to live with love to give.

    Love & Peace
    Mahesh Krishna

  58. Hi,
    if possible, could you please provide me your email id? Well, who am I? I am an aspiring writer with just aspirations and no real results. I'd like to talk to you. I am Arun John, from Kerala, India. If you could, my id is

  59. Sorry, but I think this is a simple case of reading too much in between the lines.

  60. look at this link !!

  61. hi Girija ma'am
    ...i am not a blogger myself..never been into the if what i comment here s inappropriate do pardon me..
    i jus happened to read through (honestly, not full, pardon all the new gen's ..i'm also a prime devotee of laziness) (also pardon my short hand...thats an influence from over texting)

    I believe that this article is a vision...and when i extrapolated it in my mind over the author of this article did..i too was able to come to a result stating that strength in personality is important to survive in dire situations...

    i guess life or rather every experience is can always explain the other...just like a vudeo game life also has obstacles...and i believe that you would never get a 'game over' until you give get as many retries as you can and you will win once you eliminate your mistakes one after the other...(or for some pro gamers multiple corrections at one go)

    and the limitation of the extend of human life can be compared to the limitation of power from the cells used in a portable gaming device...

    like many i have also been a huge movie viewer..and i've always been glued to the different concepts that arise in an artists mind..(this i also enjoy of artists in all fields)

    i should also mention that i am a huge fan of your work (Vandanam)
    i am also a big time fan of the hero in that movie (mohanlal...famously knows as lalettan)
    i ve read about your other works....and i admired the plot of all those...though i couldnt watch those..i am certain that an actor of your virtue has skills beyond to do even better...but from where i stand i am stunned by your as well as everyone elses performance in that one single movie that i ve watched of yours...and now i should say that i am a fan of the visionary inside you....

    my comment would be the 67 th of all that hae been written so far....i doubt that this would catch anyones eyes...and even if i do dream so, i should consider myself foolish, for i've never written an article (other than those for exams)
    but if it does get any, i would be thrilled..

    i am also honored to have written my first comment on blog of a renowned actress and journalist

    happy x'mas in advance :)

  62. Hi madam,

    How r u ?

    R u the actress acted in Idhayathai Thirudathe

  63. Hi girija,

    Well to b frank, I feeling a bit nervous writing this. I dont even know whether u wil actually read this or not. But still its an attempt to reach u. Well forgot to give u my into. Hi I'm sam, from hyderabad working for super sports in Johannesburg.

    I hav heard abt ur movie quite a lot but got to c it only today n believe me it was a vry impressive one. My mood was lil dull as India lost the match today and Geetanjali added more to it. I felt it was so gripping dat for some time i was in a kind of trans. Every thing was so damn perfect specially the justification you gave to ur charater. It was damn cute. I loved it like any thing. It was as if i fell in luv with u. I think this is wht Mani Ratnam sir wanted n expected out of u. So marvelously done.
    Straightaway after watching the movie i sat googling abt GEETANJALI and you. luckily found abt ur blog n here I m.
    Girija i want to hear n know more abt u n ur wrk. I heard u r a journalist.

    Well if u happen to read this, pls do write to me on I wud b so privileged to hear frm u. Eagerly waiting for ur reply. Take care.bye.

  64. This comment has been removed by the author.

  65. Hey Girija,

    Well.where do I start? lol...I was maybe 10 when I saw your movie Geetanjali..and then saw it a zillion times on Tele..There was something about you that was really sorta captivating..umm... Well 20 years later I see the same movie but in Melbourne,Australia. I am currently living here..Im sure you must have heard about the love between the pommies and aussies when it comes to the Ashes..lmao.

    Anyway, glad to see you have a blog and doing well.Read some of your stuff at Clinica..good stuff..If you ever come to Aus, do let some of us know..Maybe we can organise a nice lunch at some good indian restaurant..hehehe

    It was so weird to hear your accent (you were talking about NZ and their medical system about some charging for the blood tests and etc ..). Did you actually speak in Telugu for the movie Geetanjali?

    Anyway. hope to hear from ya

    Happy blogging !!


  66. Hi girija,
    i am seeing your movie vandanam from my childhood.its so nostalgic,heart toching and lovely.both the story and your charecter(gadha).its only nowadays i discover that it was you the actor.wish you all succes in your endevours.

  67. Hi Girija,

    Come on you can direct. Waiting for you.

  68. Hello ma'am, what a surprise it is that you have a blog, I just saw your ol'movie on television, Vandhanam with Mohanlal, I really really like that movie, I really liked Mohan lal in it and I really liked your work in that too. I hope I am not being rude when I say all this. I wish that some day I get to meet you and talk to you, take your autograph and I don't know start jumping! It would be one of those great things to do and to have.

    I also see in wikipedia that your into philosophical stuff, I spent much of my young man days running after that stuff, even aurobindo too, but I kind of figured out somewhere along the line that no matter how great and mystic buddha like I got, there are lots/millions of people suffering out there. So I realized that the work for the basic common good is my aim and not any personal romantic mystic odyssey. Just thought of sharing this with you dear lovely fairy.

    So I am going be searching for you, for my autograph...dear Gadha sweet jam lady...and that way get enlightened.


  69. Girija ma'am,

    And I forgot to tell you, I am a poet too, here is my first book:

    Although I don't speak much praise of it mainly because I was so immature back then, so were my thoughts, if you are interested, I thought I should share with you.
    The Eye - A Mystic Voice.

    Cheers again,

  70. hello girija madam , how r u ? all the best fro your present and future . This message is just to wish a happy life to you ,may god bless all the people.
    i saw u r geethanjali movie 10 times ,its excactly realeased when i borned.

  71. namastey girija.plz help me........i am just your friendly fan.but i want to read your blogs daily but i have very less knowledge abou these blogs and all.i am 17 only can i read these blogs.and understand them...........plz tell ?
    your well wisher,

  72. one more thing ..friend if i study hard and hard for now and if God gives me a chance to go to U.K i just want to have a photo with u.bye.will u ever be coming to india.another thing is that i am a hostler.i cant read your blogs daily but i promise when ever time persists i will.....if u give permission....bye and take care.....

  73. i dont know why you left film industry and acting even though you are perfect in it...but after reading this blog.i came to a conclusion that u did the right thing.thank you for changing my attitude......even though you dont know me ......... u had done a great help for me i will never forget you..take care......

  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. i dont know why but i feel i will also become a great personality like you.and have a good kind name in the society.i will grow as a good journalist in my future .thanks for inspiring.good night.
    your follower(student)

  76. Lets start a great life by conquering over our eternal enemy like kama,krodha,....Lets take the oath to give a dimension to our life on this auspicious festival.HAPPY DUSSERA.are you celebrating dussera,girija its today.may the all mighty bless us all.bye
    take care

  77. why girija now a days not replying you are well is good na.plz take care bye good n8

  78. bye girija ji .i am going today back to hostel for studies.will be unable to comment on your views daily but when i wll get a chance i will.bye.take care,
    do reply at least once.if you got my messages,
    and yes wish you a advance happy diwali.bye.

  79. madam do you have personal email or any presence in any social networks

  80. my email is pls just leave me a message any way this short writing is so good

  81. Hi Girija, myself and my wife liked your acting in Idhayathai Thirudathe, tamil version of Geetanjali. This movie was a trend setter and undoubtedly made a huge positive impact with all the youth when the movie was released and you played a great part in that.Wish you all the best. Ravi/Geetha