Saturday, 11 October 2008

Editorial for: Could this be Gordon Brown’s golden hour?

The thought that has haunted me since I wrote the article “Could this be Gordon Brown’s golden hour” is: Are we seeing the Law of Attraction at work?

The Law of Attraction (LoA) claims that thoughts attract things. It states that we manifest in our lives whatever it is we believe to be possible and real, including the things we least want to manifest - things we fear.

Mr Brown’s arrival on the scene has been followed by a Wuthering Heights-like crisis that he is having to weather. A man who publicly identifies himself with the solemn, shunned figure of Heathcliff is then actively rejected by Britain (Catherine) only to be put in a position where, after her death (economic meltdown), he takes charge of her child (us).

So did the crisis attract Gordon Brown or did Gordon Brown attract the crisis? We could similarly ask: did Churchill attract World War II, or did the War attract Churchill? It would seem more likely that the destinies of these men and of Britain were interwoven. And in saying this, we reach beyond the LoA, which focuses on the present, and reach towards the Indian theory of Karma, which has a long-term view: we have many lives and reap the results of our actions both immediately and across those lives.

The LoA, to my knowledge, has nothing in it to suggest it is not in alignment with the theory of Karma, and if it is in alignment, would counteract a criticism that has been levelled against the LoA. Namely, that it cannot explain how something bad, such as abuse or physical maiming, could happen to a child or young animal, for there is no way such young creatures could have thought up and believed in these kinds of catastrophes.

Whatever the truth, it is without doubt interesting that a situation which has shown up the fragility (futility?) of materialistic pragmatism – the value system by which many of us live our lives– has also thrown up a scenario of non-materialistic spiritual or occult interest:

* Events have colluded to give Mr Brown what he desires – the opportunity to show this increasingly dissolute country a more grounded, less materialistic approach to life and to the future;
* And, on the other side, this possession-obsessed country with its growing disapproval and also fear of material frugality and steady stoicism has attracted to its helm during an economic downturn a leader that lauds those qualities.

Whether the country has attracted the perfect leader at the perfect time, or whether its fear has attracted its least desired outcome; and whether Mr Brown’s desire is akin to a divine will that will save the country, or a perverse righteousness that will leave us wading through a quagmire - or to return to the Wuthering Heights metaphor: a prisoner in a cold and friendless mansion, only time will tell.


  1. Wading through quagmires is quite fun if you're wearing wellington boots, but your point is well taken. Jai Guru Devotchka!

  2. Girija, It is great to find you online. I am a huge fan of yours (I was a kid when Gitanjali/Vandanam were released). I hope you return to films.

    Your blog is a wonderful read.

  3. Girija,
    It is great to find you here.
    I am a big fan of Idiyathai Thiudathe (Gitanjali in Tamil) and Vandhanam (Malayalam)

    I was about 14 when I saw Geethanjali (abot 4 times)
    We all loved you.

    When are you coming back to Indian movies.

    Your contribution will be great for the industry.

  4. I just loved the Karma Part ;D, How do you assess the karma of a Nation. Collective deeds of its population??? 'Niyoga' make more sense to me

  5. Hey Girijaaaaa....So good to see you dear...You were my college days' favorite heroine...Often remembered you and even wondered where you would be now...Finally after all these years thought of searching for your details online...And lo here you are...How have u been dear? Is it OK if I can call you? Would just love to talk to u...How's your family?

    I'm a 48 yrs old homemaker...Have a daughter aged 15...How about you?

  6. Hey there all,

    Thank you for reading this, and for giving such lovely, positive comments.

    Sorry if the posts are not absolutely regular, but I hope to maintain a fairly steady flow.

    No more films (at least for now) I am afraid. Sorry to disappoint! The wind seems to be blowing in a different direction. But you never know...

    Best wishes to one and all,

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