Sunday, 5 April 2009

Education lifting off

In the run up to Easter it seems appropriate to post some links to a couple of websites that symbolise something about new and bright beginnings.

They are The Hawn Foundation and the Rainbow Kids Integral School. These projects offer an enlightened approach to education through integrating elements that aid a healthy psychological state. Both teachers and students are encouraged in practises that develop qualities such as mindfulness and gratitude.

They have had good results in terms of social skills and learning outcomes that have not gone unnoticed by mainstream education systems. A colleague of mine, a teacher and lecturer in the UK's further education sector told me yesterday that spirituality in education is the current "hot topic" in educational circles in England.

This is good news and could be an exciting prospect for both teachers and students: the promise of a new start - maybe the opening of a door onto a brave new world.


  1. My comment has nothing to do with the post, but your DP looks very different! I mean all I have seen of you is from your malayalam movie and you surely look different! Amazing!

  2. Girija,

    I enjoyed your malayalam movie 'Vandanam' a lot. However nice to meet you on cyberspace.

    Biju Pillai

  3. Hi there Vivek and Biju -

    Thank you for dropping in! And thanks for your comments as well.

    Re the pic - you know how photos are: in 10 different photos you can look like 10 different people (almost) I just chose the most respectable looking one from a batch I had taken last year.

    Hope to have more posts soon.

    Best wishes,

  4. Hi Girija.

    u were awesome in Gitanjali..r u d same in real life too?.

  5. Hi Girija,
    Your blogs are good.
    I think your current profession is much better than your movie stardom..

  6. Hi Girija,
    I very scarcely remember the movie, but I like your post. I remember an old post of mine, which stressed on our present education system.
    Some reminisces are
    1. Traditional values and moral teachings inculcated and imparted in our society by our ancestors are fast diminishing, may be due to the fast paced technical advancements.
    2. The values of kindness, respect, discipline should be molded in the consciousness of every child, which will tune them into a nobler and finer living.
    3. Thus emotional self reliance should be the aim of all teachings. Initially the child doesn’t have a clear concept or perception of the world. It is through the eyes of his mother, father, siblings, teachers, relatives, he sees the world. So the child’s perception of the reflected attitudes and judgment made by the significant people in his life serves as formulation of the Self concept.Teachers act as a wick of a burning candle.
    4. As Tagore truly said “One cannot teach a student anything unless we ourselves first remain a student, as one lamp cannot light another lamp unless its wick is burning.”

    Anyway, now heard about your blog, would visit once in a while.

  7. Hi Girija

    That was a hell of performance in Geetanjali. Nice work. One of my all time favourites.

  8. Hi Girija

    Wish u a many many happy returns of the day.Happy birthday Girija Shettar.

    I am one of your biggest fan .

  9. hi Girija , come back to tollywood ( telugu films). we will definitely love to have you back

  10. Girija you are a biggest fan ,i ever have ,i wish you 10000000000000000 welcome ,I like to make and market ''gatha jam''..with the caption''where ever you go ,i am there'',but this caption is now stolen by some mobile network companies,girija i suggest you to find a good new caption ,and send me please .I will call you if so in innaguration time ,i wish ,if god permit ...thank you .........take care....

  11. hi girija i am a big fan of urs after seing the geethanjali movie, ur expressions n feeling is to to good,

    anyway whats ur future plan u r not seems to take any project


    pavan naidu

  12. i wish u all the best

    ur fan

    pavan naidu

  13. hi girija garu nice 2 see u again...
    but we can't understand y didn't u continue ur acting career after such a blockbster...GITANJALI.. we really missed u a lot.. i hope u r enjoying yr present profession..
    ny ways ALL THE BEST..

  14. Loved you in 'Vandanam'... Big fan.. :-)

  15. HI Girija,
    Every time I see the malayalam film Vandanam repeatedly showing on numerous malayalam channels,I used to wonder,where this actress would be?Now on I will follow your blog.
    Thanks for acting with mohanlal in one of the most entertaining movies in malayalam.


  16. Hai girija

    I am a big big fan of you,Thanks for acting with mohanlal(lalettan),I would like to see onemore malayalam film from you,because your
    performance in vandanam was so wonderful,i liked it very much
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  17. Hi Girija,

    Interesting choice of topics... every facet of your topic touches positiveness or optimisim...or in a way different way to look at life... everyone has a perspective to look at life depending upon the way life treated them.. why bother spirituality in education when education itself is spiritual...Any thoughts..

    Prasanth J